White Picket Fence

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Our White Picket Fence is the perfect way to mark your special day! Suitable for indoor and outdoor use, this traditional fence is sure to give your event a unique and special touch. Connect multiple panels for extra coverage and let your friends ooh and aah at your amazing set up!

Size: W 2 meters x H 1 meter

* Please note that $25 is the price is for the first set of 2 poles and 1 panel. After that, $25 is the price for 1 additional pole and 1 additional panel so they can be connected and used together. As an example:
- $25 for 2 poles and 1 panel;
- $50 for 3 poles and 2 panels;
- $75 for 4 poles and 3 panels;
- $100 for 5 poles and 4 panels.

* If you require multiple panels to be used separately, please let us know so we can quote accordingly considering the need of more poles.

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